Our Programme of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Food Science and Technology is designed to provide advanced training in all aspects of food systems such as Food Processing and Storage, Chemistry, Human Nutrition, Microbiology & Biotechnology, Engineering, Quality Control & Assurance, etc.

Thus, our Food Scientists and Food Technologists being trained here are adequately provided with a high quality, innovative and globally competitive learning experience to:

* Fit in as Production, Quality Assurance/Control and Technical Managers in food processing and beverage industries.

 * Work in food industries as Research and Development (R&D) officers where they will be involved in new food product development and manufacturing.

 *Serve as Consultants in charge of evaluating food-processing plants and recommending modifications to ensure good manufacturing practices.

 *Become employers of labour by creating job opportunities for the unemployed through cottage food processing establishments.

 * Work with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

 * Work with the food department of the World Health Organization (WHO).

 *Workas Inspection officer in National Agency for Food, Drugs and Administration Control (NAFDAC), Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) etc and other related regulatory organizations.

 * Work in the design and construction of food processing plants and equipment.

 *Teach in reputable institutions of higher learning such as Monotechnics, Polytechnics and Universities.

 *Work as Nutritionists in Teaching and General Hospitals.

 *Work in specialized units of Government Ministries and Parastatals such as Agriculture, Health, Raw Material Research and Development Council of Nigeria, etc.



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