The objectives of the programme are to:

1.Train students professionally with technical, problem solving, and communication skills required to succeed in the workplace and the society.

2.Train skilled technical and managerial manpower for agro-allied industries.

3.Produce skilled manpower required to establish, manage and direct small and medium scale food processing and allied industries using locally available raw materials into processed, packaged, shelf stable products and intermediate industrial raw materials in line with the institutions’ motto: “Innovation and Character for National Transformation”.

4.Produce qualified personnel that will be involved in consultancy services in food product development, research and development, processing and preservation, which will reduce post harvest food losses and produce job creator graduates rather than job seekers;

5.Equip graduates with knowledge of design and fabrication of food processing equipment in assisting the development of traditional technology;

6.Train undergraduate students that would be able to teach Food Science and Technology and allied courses in appropriate institutions of higher learning.

7.Train students in developing professional competence, communication skills and professional ethics through exposure to direct practical experience in food industries, food research stations and government agencies responsible for the formulation and enforcement of food laws..

8.Provide students with a strong background in engineering/technology fundamentals.

9.Develop and produce employers of labour through rigorous and appropriate entrepreneurial skills on successful completion of the programme.

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